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Notice on Holding the Final of the 9th Henan College Students Architectural Model Competition (No. 2)

Release time: 2023-10-11Author: Henan Civil Architecture Society

Participating universities, participating experts:

According to the document requirements of the "Notice on holding the ninth Henan Province Architectural Model Competition (No. 1)" (Yutu Jianxuezi (2023) No. 28),The society is scheduled to hold the final of the 9th Henan Provincial College Students Architectural Model Competition and the Henan Provincial Architecture professional application-oriented talent training Seminar from October 28 to October 29, 2023 in Henan College of Urban Construction,Students, teachers and experts are invited to participate in the competition。Specific competition schedule and meeting and discussion schedule (see Annex 1);Leaders of participating universities should fill in the registration form (see Attachment 2) and send it to 34894457@qq before 12:00, October。

In addition, if you are interested in hosting the next contest, please send the organizer, contact person and phone number to the email address: 380636290@qq before October。

Henan Civil Architecture Society

                                       October 11, 2023


1.The 9th Henan Province architectural model competition final time schedule table.docx

2.Entry receipt.docx

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